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Welcome to the official site for the Editor of Majesty magazine and Royal Biographer and commentator


LATEST NEWS.......Ingrid's latest book entitled 'My Husband and I' is now available in paperback. It chronicles the 70 year marriage of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh  with fresh insight into their relationship with each other, with their children and family and their lifetime of royal duty.
'My Husband and I' is available at all good booksellers and on Amazon where the Kindle edition is also available.
Of course Ingrid continues to pen the Editor's letter in Majesty Magazine....

This book is not only a vivid portrait of a hugely important marriage, it is a celebration of the power of love.


Ingrid Seward is Editor-in-Chief of Majesty magazine, the leading monthly journal covering all aspects of British, European and other royal families around the world. Since it began in 1980 Majesty magazine has remained the market leader in its field. Ingrid is acknowledged as one of the pre-eminent writers and commentators on the royal family and has published over 20 books and contributed numerous articles to publications worldwide. An experienced public speaker both in the UK and North America, Ingrid has worked for every major TV and radio station across the world. She is currently royal commentator for ABC network's Good Morning America.
Ingrid is in the unique position of knowing many members of the royal family personally and through Majesty enjoys a special relationship with the Royal Household